Saturday, May 11, 2013

How to influence health food ?

The food is greasy fast food hamburger restaurant. Salty food includes food potato, pork rinds, too. Candy Cake and even food packages sugar loaded junk food. High in saturated fat, usually almost, or quite provides nutritive sodium foods sugar. Junk food cannot be converted to the cells of the body for healthy bones, muscles and organs.

In all parts of the saturated fat and trans fat junk food food, blood pressure, body can lead to the formation of fat in the blood. Formation of fat increases the risk of the clog the arteries and heart disease.
Many sodium blood pressure increases too. Can cause excessive salinity moisturize the body. Blood pressure increases, and keep the salt water vessels. The normal compact 2400 milligrams sodium. Consumer intake and outflow and answer key balance of too much sodium solution As a result of excessive waste conversion is not the correct kidney renal edema.

It is commonly linked sugar sugar suspends the calcium. A Fatty acids enter the blood flow and excess sugar as fat stored in the body. Obesity eats too much sugar. It can burn fat, obesity, heart disease and other health problems eventually occur.

Greasy hamburger with lettuce and tomatoes for a fresh Turkey Burger, rather than Grill. Low sodium salt fried, salty potato chips vegetables instead of fries or chips and Salsa with fresh ingredients are you. Cake, fresh fruit or fruit juice instead of sweets. Sometimes a little junk food do not harm your health. The need can be depending on the body, you can work on a regular basis, healthy eating is to cope with the bizarre treatment.Read more....

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