Monday, April 8, 2013

How does junk food affect health?

The food is not greasy Burger fast food restaurant. Salty food potato, pork rinds, all too much junk food and the like. Food junk food than candy sugar Pack cupcakes etc. rarely, food is generally concentrated avoirdupoises, atomic number 11 and sugar high or low nutritional value. Body food healthy cells, muscles, bones and organs cannot be converted.

Distributed search be saturated fats, trans fats, like junk food to increase your blood pressure, which can lead to accumulation of fat in the blood throughout the body. And that clog the arteries of a build-up of fatty acids increases the risk of heart disease. To increase the volume of blood sodium. Your body can hold in excess of salt water. Blood salt water and keep your blood pressure increases. The body does not work properly, it must be a low sodium intake to 2,400 milligrams. If you use too much sodium and expenditure balance disorders. Renal dropsy and nephropathy and waste as safely as a result of the excess cannot be converted.

Refined sugar because the sugar connection calcium breaks cavities. In other words, excessive sugar only at the risk of osteoporosis, tooth decay as well as puts it. Sugar, glucose, the liver can store the final amount of ebb and flow. Excess fat and sugar as fatty acids enter the blood. Consuming a bit much boodle and fat. Obesity, heart disease and other health problems eventually will rise, and to burn fat for. Instead, greasy burgers and fresh lettuce and grilled Turkey burgers topped with tomatoes. Salty potato chips instead of tortilla chips, vegetable or low-sodium salsa. Cakes, cookies, fresh fruit, fruit juice instead. Try to destroy your health sometimes pieces of food. The healthy physical exercise on a regular basis, you can handle the odd treat.
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