Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Diet culture

We all have mental food: this special dish was my mother's favorite meal or were provided only on special occasions. Food is often being inherited from coevals to coevals. These are bite-sized pieces, is part of the cultural heritage. However, the tradition only affects longevity culture on health, diet, impact.

Early or find one to grow around them eat anything. There are natural resources in various parts of the world. There are a variety of different locations across the country, depending on your eating habits. For example, more fish and pigs, cows, birds, People's Republic of China's coastal areas, people eat a diet higher in northern cities.
Regional climate eating food culture determines the type, such as the head. Food is traditionally the North, fresh tropical fruits and vegetables most of the year, people who live in. Smoked meat and fish can be. Dry fruits are allowed. In addition, Brown was responsible for the spicy food. High-temperature food will more than likely group. Spice, sweat, cool helps the body after eating the restaurant's staff.
People from all over the world and added their food drivers. They do not move independently from the rest of the world during the middle ages as quickly as possible, people kind of spices, fruits, vegetables. Many new foods, integrative basic diet. A good example is the use of cooking tomatoes from Italy. Returning to Europe early in the tomato is the fruit of new world explorers.

Stored in a group of people in different countries had different habits and culture was a group of people. This is all the same a research topic today. For example, the United States Heart Association Hispanic population more people these days have a traditional eating habits, often arrive in the America, eat foods rich in vegetables and beans. But Americans are too high you can think for yourself, these processed foods are Hispanic.
Religious belief also plays a role of dietary choices. Judaism does not have stringent dietary requirements in Catholicity, Hinduism, and Islam. The other applies all year round, is part of the season. These religious organizations to contribute members to limit certain foods quickly-changing world of cultural identityRead  more....

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