Sunday, March 10, 2013

Benefits of selling junk food at school

Banned junk food from public school vending machines of the growing movement. Massive demonstrations against the range of high speed networks. As for the parent target chain fatty food to children and toys. A little junk food sales could surprise you the school otherwise positive, don't believe me.

Earth is in a very large company school either dreams are Coca-Cola Pepsi soda giant if the big companies. Several years shekels net for hundreds of schools to address thousands contracts. Hold them until the evening is there or not, such as soft drink and snack machines to restaurants, children's menu, select and get snacks during the activity too. Transition school's budget school money machine.
As Jerusalem Peres Fund to purchase needed school supplies including is referred to as the Earth's many books, computers, travel, some. Jacksonville, Florida schools will receive depends on when more than 2 million Jacksonville 1-2010. In school vending machines occur to maintain from the potential loss of revenue "Pro". This problem is especially acute at the time of economic distress. Food of many school district budget funds and cannot afford to lose.

Saving thousands of dollars in school improvement district machine accepted the money from building up. In some States due to tax increase in years. You can attack the high maintenance cost of saving taxes. TX, Abilene school district, soft drink vending machine, $ 75000 market Watch report machine news, 75 percent of sales are to remove the 11/2010 last year, suffering from a loss of the fall.
Can be a difference between some free junk food sales, human rights, and selection procedure. Many parents are so very proud children's education and how to. To distinguish them from healthy snacks to part of the process is harmful in during training of health education. Further, will be obese by eating junk food for children. Childhood obesity due to overeating of the Mayo Clinic is a major cause of family history, nutrition, stress and lack of physical activity and socioeconomic. Read more.....

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