Wednesday, March 27, 2013

How to create a smart ?

Fresh brainpower cadres are generated every minute of the fetus. Formation of the pregnant woman and her baby's brain child form of life can be can accept a lasting effect. Every parent is happier and healthier. However, before most parents are not aware of brain development at birth. Can take specific actions to facilitate the intelligence of pregnant women with brain development and his or her children will increase.

Often, baby talk. You can help start a name to identify your voice he or she already gets used to pattern language experiences into baby talk on a regular basis. Hearing inspire it aloud to her baby, a book ready for the rest of the world. The stress level is low maintenance. Can pregnant on the negative nature of maternal stress, baby's development. Participate in activities to find comfort in a stressful situation and prevent conflict. Exercise to reduce stress and improve the health of the mother.
Maintain a healthy diet. On a regular basis is a catcher of bacon and eggs. And according in the development of chemical scientists pork eggs, University of NC, fetal brain cells. Two fish eats once a week more language skills and to improve the baby's engine. Consultation with doctors during pregnancy kind of fish you eat is safe.

In the meantime: do keep your teeth during pregnancy. Pregnancy's teeth too soon, or weight problems. Baby born can occur. They tend to have more problems in learning about the baby. Is the risk of health problems such as smoking during pregnancy. You may hear music without cold so to listen baby wear headphones. Classical music to hear anything considered to young children, to amend the intelligence activity of the fetus. Christine m. Nantais and we allow greater power and space for listening to the music of Mozart, and Glenn Schellenberg. Classical music as well as the tension of it on eBay can give effect, comfort and help his mother. Read  more....

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