Sunday, March 10, 2013

Food experts say schools for sale

The public schools banned junk food and vendor's movement. Fast food chain giant saw the cover of the demo. Parents, children's toys, fatty foods debate. A closer look at selling junk food in schools is a strong reason why you can amaze you can think of.

Common dream school's biggest supplier pop behemoths coke and Pepsi. Company or a few thousands of dollars over the years for hundreds of school districts to tell you about the net is that you can contract a large district. As with children, soft drinks and snacks, a cafeteria, a computer can get refreshments during the complementary activities, they are packed, get them for dinner. The book earned a sanction beyond school.
Some of the funds on the machine using the books, computers, travel, Jerusalem, and many of the Persian Department bought the necessary supplies, such as. In March 2010, he received more than $ 2 million a year, once in Jacksonville Jacksonville, Florida schools. Perhaps the school's vending machine to maintain a "Pro" is the expected departure of revenue. This problem is especially severe when economic hardship. Many school districts to bring junk food on a budget can afford to lose money.

Money-book maintenance district school building, store tens of 1000s of dollars received from the sale of the machine. Each year, the school raised some local tax increases. The estimated tax increase maintenance costs, you can save the community. Remove Abilene Texas School District is hawking automobiles in the $ 75,000 a soft drink machine watch news, November 2010, 75% reduction in sales experienced losses. Junk food sales and some of the freedom of choice and human rights could be the difference in the steps. Many parents teach their children's choices. This comprises break of the curriculum, and learn the distinction is not a healthy snack, health. In addition, all children for the fat along consuming junk food. Mayo Clinic community-obesity, eating too much, eating and exercise, not childhood, family history, reports the cause of stress.Read more....

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