Saturday, March 23, 2013

Hormones and chemicals in our food order

Is to increase the output of dairy cattle is known as the hormone Rbgh injections, more of the half of the United States and United States of gene recombinant growth hormone injections. United States Department of agriculture, FDA, and will not harm humans, claiming these hormones and other medical institutions enhance environmentally harmful human health concerns. Also, using the health problems linked to avoid the destruction of crops, these chemicals will use the Guinness, to protest the number of insecticide. Pesticides, hormones that affect unfortunately, nature, for the lack of range and a large long-term study on any health risks unknown dearimasu.

In recent years, banned in many countries of the world limits and cancer can lead to serious health risks for the proof of certain chemicals, such as infertility, eye tumors, pesticide use. Introduction and consumption of dairy products and animal hormones at puberty breast cancer start tied. Of the growing number of people who turn is the importance of organic food, an apparent health risk public interest. Foods that contain high levels of pesticides and Government, United States of America, United Kingdom and other a lot of areas around the world studying hormones long-run health effects Approved by the FDA to use current food production are steroid hormones category 6 in the United States. This hormone is female hormones and estradiol, progesterone, testosterone, testosterone and trenbolone acetate rayon, zeranol and melengestrol acetate-and they are called the celluloid development boosters. This hormone does not allow their use the FDA is now used for sheep and cattle poultry and pigs. Milk RbGH hormone-treated beef beef cattle production for unauthorized use. Number of pesticides benomyl, carbendazim, chlorpyrifos, deltamethrin today, including the use of hormone therapy, chlordecone, London, carbufuran, Okean, vinclozolin, Dimethoate, food production.

Use of pesticides, hormones, and food does not provide any benefit. You can reduce the amount of slaughtered animal food before eating in hormones, length of time. Public food to increase the meat industry profits. To control the weeds and interfere with the production of pest control pests, diseases, food wise. How much impact on the quality of crop pests and diseases, or world, 1 / 3, food to be destroyed.
Associated still hormones and pesticides, long term, consumption and risk, the evidence became available. Taken by pesticide use insecticides can cause serious damage to poison to humans is to grow human food to the reality less the body of these chemicals. Therefore, in later years the main concern has been treated like a cancer of consumption leads to any disease leads to the accumulation of toxic chemicals is. Binding brain and reproductive fertility stop pesticides also develop. A hormone that is produced in our bodies is an integral part of the convention developer and developer. All the same, analyses of high-dose steroid synthesis use adverse health effects lists. They eat cattle, long-term hormone stimulating effect on the health of other animals is injected.
Steroids which increase the number of people who eat food containing hormones, health risks, evidence, natural organic foods come in to take care of. Based on organic food production, manufacturing, under certain conditions prescribed by the United States Department of agriculture. He grew up, without pesticides, hormones, fertilizers, organic food, food additives and preservatives. Demand for consumer organic foods increases, many manufacturers according to customer needs, generates the this type of food. A powerful and compelling vision of pesticides, hormones, using 20 years all future production of the main food of these chemicals used as long as some experts say, not to adopt this his theory stops schematic representations.Read more.....

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