Sunday, March 17, 2013

General Manager of fast food?

Fast food restaurant General Manager responsible for the successful establishment of the responsibility for the management and reporting directly to the President and CEO is responsible for the company. They are the other team's sales manager, finance and administration. Set a goal for this meeting and pay their own development strategies.

The duty of the General Manager at the upscale? Fast food restaurant manager salary General Manager by fast-food restaurants are broadly a baccalaureate or master's degree in business administration, human discipline and arts. Because of the large number of educational backgrounds is inferior to the feel of many ranking team replaced location. Teach the inner workings of the industry. This is also good to be able to promote the professional communication skills and leadership, determination, good business judgment.
Employment service statistics 2010, now it's time or $ 113, 100 years, all known to make all global industry average of $ 54.38. Fast food restaurant is about 1 USD $32.36 68700 or annual dollar. All of these are all higher than the annual average salary in the industry or the amount of approximately $ 25.18, $ 52370. Fell within the scope of a particular type of administrator salaries. For example, the higher the wage hour 136460 dollars, Chief Executive Officer of the $ 100 a year, while the average speed or $ 46.11 96410 or finance managers this year. The average wage is $ 1 or $ 1 every hour, 22.15 57788 or $ 30.00 USD per sale every year 63,095 and directed under the food service managers.

Some of their salaries in the company of the company Managing Director said. McDonald's starts normally, the health benefits to vision and dental plans. Medical costs and save $ to flexible spending accounts. Long-term disability and work short-living, biological and dismemberment deaths, fees are included. Travel accident insurance subsidies. The base salary is the awareness program is often the bonus is short-run and long-run. Maintenance Manager, in other provisions of the business for personal use of a company car, you can select and modify the insurance payment. The other 9, a 10-week sabbatical, 8 weeks full time and enjoying the holidays in particular, of: donations and training, including support for children. Corporate Vice President, McDonald's fast-food diligence is a carrier of the Everglade State Regional Director James Collins, General Manager of here. He has the cheeseburger, lettuce, pickles, and put one of the company's restaurants at the school began as a member of the team. Finally, he manages the restaurant, all the restaurants in a particular arena of operations, was promoted to Director. In this region, the largest McDonald's in 2011, now topped the annual sales of $ 200 million, 850 locations.
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